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There are few chances to enjoy a real relaxing and jolly time with their kids for those young parents, who are occupied by 9-to-5 work life in the busy cities. In a rush of a short weekend trip to park, that’s not enough for children, neither for parents. Even on the Children’s Day, most of the time, parents are just inspectors outside the joy.

In our view, when kids are playing, parents should not be outside of the picture, waiting and watching, instead, be part of them as friends. We really hope parents and kids would share the moment, without controlling and ordering.

MamaPapa Festival is the first festival in China, which is organized for family, which is kids and parents oriented, and which include experience of music, interaction, cartoon, public service, education, art, drama, cuisine, game and exhibition.

As young parents, take your kid and enjoy your own festival! As young parents to be, you will feel the warmness and sincereness of families.

MamaPapa Festival is not only a day for kids, but also for parents, for whole family. It’s indeed a family festival!

Let’s rock!