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Welcome to Life Festival for Mom and Dad, hoping tips will bring you warmth. Our life Festival is composed by two parts of outdoor and indoor, please take care of babies while you are enjoying the entertainment and learning.

Outdoor Activities:

         We prepare lively and vivid outdoor themed activities for mom, dad and babies: the Open-air Concert, 4 S Toy Exchange Market, Cartoon tour, Babies’ Sports Meeting, Retro Games, Children’s Graffiti Contest, etc. Wish you and your babies can fully enjoy.

1. Contents:  Please select the activity venues according to the themes of activities, and know more about the basic situation of venues, facilities, resting venues, dining venues, and so on.

2. Time: Babies have no concept of time when they go outside, just like birds came out the cages and thus parents should master the activity time, the amount of activities. Moreover, we should make a reasonable arrangement based on babies’ physique and physical condition.

3. Clothing choice: Babies should not wear too much, especially the trousers. You can choose to give babies the pure cotton or silk clothes with good weatherability, which colors are light, so as not to absorb too much heat; clothing styles should be loose and comfortable, which are good at  ventilating. After warm-up, babies still can sweat easily. If take off clothes at that time, babies are easy to get cold. The best way is to bring more clothes, which should be put on when babies finish the exercise.

4.  It is the best to let your babies wear sneakers while participating in outdoor activities. Few parents think that little babies will not have intense exercise, so any shoes can be wared. In fact, for babies, they should wear different kinds of shoes on different occasions as well. The sole of small leather shoes is rather hard; hence sneakers are more suitable for outdoor activities. In recent years, the popular shoes CROCS are easy to put on and take off, and it can penetrate water and sands which is suitable for babies to wear when going out to play.

5. Let babies drink water timely when going out for activities. Remember not to drink too cold water and develop your babies a good habit of drinking cooled boiled water.

6. Prepare wet tissues, handkerchiefs to rub babies’ hands and for the usage after going toilets.

7. Wear hats and use sunblock for babies in such hot summer weather.

8. On the arrival of summer, mosquitoes have become active. Due to humid weather, the grass along the pond is a gathering place for mosquitoes. Pay more attention to prevent mosquito bites when babies are paying. Before going out, parents may be properly to wipe babies some of mosquito repellent specialized for infant. When babies are bitten by mosquitoes, such as pruritus, parents should help children relieve itching for stopping scratching to prevent infection. In addition, green ointment, floral water, compositus mentholi cream or calamine lotion, etc. can be used to scrub bites.

Indoor activities:

         We have prepared a variety of themed events for mom, dad and babies: Mini Filmfest, Public Talk about Education, Interactive Square, Story Painting, etc., Hope that you will be able to find your own interests in these activities.

1. Floors: our movement areas are generally used floor tiles, wood floors and other hard-surfaced flooring. Most babies have the characteristics of the high rate of movement, poor safety awareness, so when doing indoor activities, try not to let your baby rush and bounce, in case of the damage caused by slippery floor and other conditions. 

2. Walls: Since most children are naturally lively and active, they like graffiti. Therefore, please take care of your babies, in order not to draw on the walls randomly. We have set up a graffiti workshop especially for babies so as to give babies the space to create freely. I believe that the design of this indoor activity will be recognized by most of the families, which is worthwhile trying.

3. Decorations: Some large space for indoor activities display some furniture with hard angles, please protect your babies, in order to avoid serious knock, bumps occurred during children playing.

4. Air-conditioning: Because of hot summer weather, the indoor air-conditioning is so comfortable that parents should feel free to take babies’ clothes on and off depending on the temperature.