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Retro Games of MamaPapa Festival



When moms and dads tells children about throwing sandbags, pushing hoop, spinning tops, bucket goats and other games played when they were a  kid, the children are often exposed bewildered, which makes Mom and Dad be awakened from Teenage Dream, realizing that their childhood has never come back again. This can not help but feel very sad. When their children’s time is occupied by IPAD, online games, all kinds of electronic products, I believe many parents are eager to pull him (her) little hands out of the house and experience the past fascinating variety of games outdoor which once made you not want to go home. Finally, at the upcoming “MamaPapa Festival” which will start at Beijing Contemporary MOMΛ in August, all this will come true!

There is a move from the memories and there is a kind of happiness from tradition. A relevant responsible person of MamaPapa Festival said that based on the consideration of making moms and dads and the kids fully communicate and become intimate playmate, MamaPapa Festival specially designes colorful nostalgia play areas, which will lead all moms and dads to take the time machine to recover your own time and play with your kids, feeling the most direct and purest happiness.

At MamaPapa Festival, in addition to providing a clean and soft sand and making Mom and Dad with children enjoy the fun of interactive games, like eagle catching chicken, throwing sandbags, dropping handkerchief, etc., as well as "treasure hunt adventure" game arranged in the woods to let the children be a small little explorers, experiencing unusual "adventure" trip, on the lawn, games like climbing house, cross-border barriers, fishing competitions and other fun activities are arranged to make children enjoy the fun of outdoor games. At the same time, well-built "retro" game zone will reproduce the scene where the past children played with classic retro games like marbles, throwing sandbags, beat Western painting children, hopscotch, spinning top, rubber band skipping, jump rope, etc. But this time the game doesn’t only belong to kids, moms and Dad's full participation will make it into a sea of joy.