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Han Vigorously Supporting “MamaPapa Festival”



Today, the official exposed the VCR recorded for MamaPapa Festival by Han Han, an outstanding representative dad after 80s. In the video, Han changed the usual stern and smiled a lot. He issued a sincere invitation to all young mothers and dads: "If you want to become a close partner of your kids, please go to MamaPapa Festival!" A mature dad full of warmth vividly presents on the screen.

MamaPapa Festival is the first mainland Chinese parent-child interaction feast for moms, dads and their children. With a family as a unit, it is designed for the young moms, dads and the kids to build a intimacy activity full of family love.  Under the case of parent-child Events throughout every corner of the capital, "MamaPapa Festival" stands out for its intimate design and rich surprising activities, covering various types of activities for children and mom and Dad, such as music, interactive, cartoon, charity, art, theater, food, games, exhibitions, parent-child family education and so on. It provides a variety of options for all the family on site, gives an opportunities for mom and dad to become the child's intimate playmate and a rich and vivid nutrition for children's growth provides, enhance children's artistic sense and sense of innovation from the auditory, visual, hands-on skills, team collaboration, and many other aspects. 

For young moms and dads after 80s represented by Han Han, how to communicate with their children, how to develop all aspects of the comprehensive ability of their kids, how to live in harmony with the family and children and grow together with their children and so on, are undoubtedly an important lesson. Based on this point, “MamaPapa Festival” hopes to make moms and Dads and the kids not only feel a deep sense of parent-child interaction atmosphere, but derive a lot of useful information which will be of great use in the future through a rich and rational holiday entertaining. The event will begin on Friday (August 16) in Beijing Contemporary MOMΛ. Then, moms, dads and kids from all areas of the capital will gather to share this joyous feast.