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MamaPapa Festival starts successfully



On August 16, long-awaited first MamaPapa Festival in Beijing dongzhimen contemporary MOMΛ grand launch, although Beijing is standard sauna day, that day is hot, but still did not stop nearly thousand tides daddy mama with his beloved baby came to the scene after the precious family time, experience thrilling moments of various kinds of love. August 17/18, Beijing Saturday as the best two days, since summer temperature is appropriate, cool wind blow gently, blue sky and white clouds, the air is fresh, mother father living quarter also ushered in the climax, two days, more than 2000 families came to the scene, happiness fill in the whole event, the star of the stage guest, lu, gems, and many other daddy mama also stars low-key, enjoy mom dad life section of thick family atmosphere, let many reaped unexpected surprise the audience.

MamaPapa Festival content from 9:00 in the morning until night 18:00, once upon a time the effect of three days to see, whether it is outdoor cartoon tour, antics, mountains baby footprint, parent-child photography, children's song competition, games, parent-child graffiti, retro gaming, rock climbing experience, exchange of DJ baby, toys or parent-child stories draw in air nest MOMA, parent-child workshop, parent-child dance, little architect, manual classroom, baking workshop, baby percussion workshop, rhythm and talent, children's book fair, educational toys, chuangyi baby and the mini film festival, held at MOMA cinema cartoon stars meeting, and so on have been mom and dad babies passionately, weekend invite to Lu Gengqu music stage, du using aspect, Zhou Yunshan article, hong, horse, Chen Weilun, Dai Bing, jade and so on many Chinese and foreign musicians performing more let the scene into a sea of joy.

Random had an interview with reporters on the scene of many mom dad, everyone to mom dad life section of the general form of recognition, under the blue sky white clouds, with a baby learn knowledge together, playing games, listening to music, watching movies is undoubtedly a great parent-child family way of life, the key is a lot of the content of the project can let mom dad and the kids together participation, experience, fully interactive link greatly enhance the emotional communication between mom and dad baby, is significant.

First MamaPapa Festival section five days, until August 20, Beijing has entered one of the best season of the year, and the fine weather and comfortable outdoor temperature for with their children travel offers the best reason to miss the weekend travel peak mom dad can also choose to fully experience the scene of the next two days to enjoy family time.

According to understand, because there are a lot of missed two days of last weekend mom dad hope can have chance to experience the family feast, parent-child interaction is located in the center of Beijing city, China children and specially sheng invite mom dad living quarter on August 23, 24 (Friday, Saturday) two days go on, make more hope children close playmates mom dad have the opportunity to participate in the different experience.